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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:40 am

Forum Rules

Dont Spam
Spamming is writing something that doesnt make sence or
just putting smileys and no writing.

Dont Double Post
Double posting is when you post twice or three times
wait for someone to post then you can post.

Dont Advertise
Advertising is when you post your site and dont think
about pm your site to other people.

Dont BackSeat Mods
Back seating a mod is when you say "This topic is not
needed" or "this should be locked" that's the mods job.

No flaming/Being Rude
Please dont say anything rude or say a bad word if you
do you will get a infraction.

Dont Bump
Bumping is posting in a topic that's more than 1 week old or more
than 1 week old.

No Hacking/Cheating Discussion
No third party programsor links to third party programs or any password sharing

Don't post inappropriate pictures
Dont post anything inapproprite adult stuff

5 Infraction's
If you get 5 infraction's you will be perma banned!

Dont Double Account
Dont make two or more account or they will both be banned.

Any queastion's please private message staff
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Forum Rules
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